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“Why are you single?”

My explanation to a TikTok followers question….

Oh wow how do I explain being single. I’ve been divorced 3 times. My first husband we were 18, married at 19 & had our daughter turning 20. He was only 6 months older (I do prefer my age group). When our daughter was 6 months old he wanted to divorce because he wanted other women. I guess it was true for us about marrying too young. My 2nd & 3rd were 10 years together each. My 2nd was who Dustin & Allison’s dad was & our oldest daughter together is our only surviving child. Both Alan & Butch have passed away. My last husband was 8 years younger & that was always a no no with me but I did. We had my youngest daughter together. He is very narcissistic & I didn’t even know what all that was until like 5 years ago. After our divorce I did not want to date because I was screwing up with my choices! I needed to find me in that process & I think all women should after divorce. Losing Dustin basically ruined mine & Butch’s marriage. Men are buttholes! They are either narcissistic & abusers or they take you for granted. Butch took me for granted to where I wasn’t even told I was beautiful. Like they get you to fall in love and give up on how they did it to begin with. I am not lesbian either. I don’t trust men. And more so now I would only want a man that researches the Bible with world events. He has to believe like me or it would not work. I wouldn’t even be attracted if he is not paying attention to what is going on. I’m very open minded & accept other people’s views but when it comes to my “man” we have to be in agreement. They are hard to find. And no man can understand me right now after burying 2 children. I am still vulnerable with my PTSD triggers with “mean” people.

I will add more when things come to mind. If you’re choosing to stay single please comment why…


I am a mother of 5! I have 2 children in Heaven & 3 living daughters! Dustin was born 4-15-89 & died 8-25-89! Allison was born 9-4-91 & died 3-20-17! I will write about them & how my journey has been since my son died!

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