The control of the Illuminati


My friends, please listen carefully to what i am going to say, I have two videos that are very, very important, they will help you to understand the who, what, where and why regarding the current Covid-1984 deception, and let me say that this conspiracy is ABSOLUTELY REAL, IT IS 100% AUTHENTIC.

To understand the reason for what is happening we need to find the source of the problem and examine it very closely, these two videos will answer many questions that so far have not been answered, they will open many eyes to a reality and truth that some have been unable to see..

This video will prove that there exists a secret agenda to manipulate the general public’s perception and thoughts through covert Intelligence propaganda which is carried out by Intelligence agents operating within the MSM TV News Networks, the evidence of this is also contained within this video, as is also, the grand conspiracy to destroy biblical Christianity in America, in order to establish a single authority to rule over the nations of the earth, known throughout history as the biblical Antichrist..

This agenda is absolutely real and is associated with the current events which are happening at this time through the fake COVID1984 deception, which is being used to destroy the old world financial markets in order to establish a cashless financial system which will include the biblical mark of the beast, this will be easily done by deceiving and persuading the public into believing that cash is contaminated with COVID, you will see this come to pass with your own eyes in the not too distant future.

It has taken me forever to upload this video, in fact, I had to leave it uploading during the night, FB or something is throttling my internet speed to the point that it is almost impossible to upload them to FB, something or someone does not want this kind of information to reach those who wish to see it and there’s a very good reason for that, they want us like the millions of other deluded people who have been conned by this great conspiracy, please watch BOTH of the videos, they will provide you with a clear understanding of the current crisis and decpetion. I have not uploaded the other video as yet, I may have to link it to my page if I am unable to upload it, please watch out for it.

May God bless EVERYONE whose eyes and ears are opened, this is especially for YOU!!

Watch the video in the Facebook post!

When was Jesus buried & when did He rise again.

Good article!

I’ve always questioned the math involved in Jesus being taken off the cross on the Sabbath before sundown when the Sabbath starts. Friday evening to Sunday morning is not 3 days & 3 nights. We have to study the Word. We can’t teach contradictions to the world. They won’t listen this way.


A Humble Person is:


*Is at peace with themselves & others.

*Is grateful

*Is slow to offend

*Asks for help

*Treats everybody with respect

*Is patient & doesn’t get easily frustrated with the imperfections of others.

*Recognizes their own limitations

*Celebrates the accomplishments of others

*Open to a deep relationship with God

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Generalized Anxiety Symptoms caused by Trauma

Generalized anxiety disorder
Also called: GAD
Requires a medical diagnosis
The condition has symptoms similar to panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other types of anxiety. These symptoms include constant worry, restlessness, and trouble with concentration.

Take a self-assessment
People may experience:
Pain areas: in the back
Whole body: fatigue, lightheadedness, or sweating
Behavioral: hypervigilance, irritability, or restlessness
Cognitive: lack of concentration or unwanted thoughts
Psychological: severe anxiety or fear
Also common: emotional distress, excessive worry, difficulty falling asleep, headache, nausea, palpitations, repeatedly going over thoughts, or trembling

PTSD Symptoms

Symptoms of PTSD

Reviewed by Carol DerSarkissian on November 10, 2019
You thought it was behind you. When time passes after a traumatic event, it’s natural to think your mind and body have healed and moved on. But symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can pop up months or even years later.

Unlike a rash or broken arm, PTSD can be tough to identify, especially when it’s happening in your own mind. Though it can look and feel like depression or rage, PTSD is different. And it can affect everything from the way you sleep to your relationships at home and work.

If you see yourself in any of these symptoms, check with your doctor for a diagnosis.


Whether you’re thinking about it or not, memories of the traumatic event can come back to bother you. You may experience them in your sleep as nightmares or during the day as flashbacks. That means you relive the event as if it’s happening for the first time.

Both can cause you to feel anxious, afraid, guilty, or suspicious. These emotions may play out physically in the form of chills, shaking, headaches, heart palpitations, and panic attacks.


You don’t want to think about it. You don’t want to talk about it. You steer clear of everyone and everything that reminds you of the event, including places and activities.


Avoidance can also mean staying away from people in general — not just the ones connected with the event. This can cause you to feel detached and alone.

Behavior Changes

Doctors call these “arousal symptoms.” They can make your emotions more intense or make you react differently than you normally would. For example, if you’re a careful driver, you might start driving too fast or be super-aggressive on the road. Irrational, angry outbursts are very common.

Many find it hard to focus. Feelings of danger and being under attack can ruin concentration and keep you from finishing tasks you do every day. This can also lead to trouble sleeping, whether you’re having nightmares or not.

Mood Swings

PTSD doesn’t always come with clues like nightmares and flashbacks. Sometimes it seems like a mood change unrelated to the traumatic event.

You’ll know it by its negativity. You may feel hopeless, numb, or bad about yourself or others. Thoughts of suicide can come and go. Deep feelings of guilt and shame are common, as well.

Activities you normally enjoy may not interest you anymore. Your motivation to maintain relationships with close friends and family could be low.

Living In My Car

My first TikTok
Taking a walk instead of wearing a mask in the gym!
I have anger & still stuck in the trauma when I lost my son in 1989. The anger is from PTSD and friends & family have been triggering my anger. I feel like a monster & I need to stay away from them. I have always needed support & compassion. No one listens.
I need joy & peace! Living in my car alone has me totally dependent on God. I want my personality remade the way God wants me. I want to be delivered & healed from all this anger accumulated for almost 32 years.

I moved back home from GA in 2015. I was living with my mom. After losing my daughter on 3-20-17 she wanted me out. She wanted me to get my place. My mind has been so scattered now that I realize I’ve buried two children. I work part-time and sometimes I just feel so defeated & worthless. The other day my daughter Paige (still living in GA) told me no one can help me but myself. My car is all I own. I saw videos on TikTok of people living in their cars. I knew then I could do this. Me & God! I don’t know where He will take me but I know He will remake me! I know He has a good future for me. I hope right now while on this journey I can help others.

Therapy Through Crafting

Been isolating when I’m not at work & crafting. It helps my mind because everything I make is intended to be a gift for someone. It’s hard to keep it for myself. So even in isolation I think I’m still socializing in a way 🤔 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve also learned too through the years with God that He works best when He pulls you back from everyone. I’m going to be better than ok soon I know.