About Me

It would be hard to describe myself because I am going through a deep self-examination & there are flaws I need to change. After losing my son in 1989 & then one of my daughters in 2017 I’ve been struggling with deep-rooted anger. I have started a journey of living in my car to be alone with God and help myself. I will write my journey here. I am videoing my journey on TikTok My desire is to tell my story & be able to help others. I want a purpose. 3-21-21

I have been in Avon, NC on the Outer Banks working at Food Lion since April 2021. They have provided free housing, so at this time I am not in my car. I am scheduled to be here until September/October. I want to stay as long as I can. Enjoying my time here! 7-19-21

As I have kept up with my journey on TikTok I have neglected writing here. I’m trying to get motivated. I am now here in Georgia. I am working in the county I first lived in when I was 25. It’s the county where Dustin is buried & where I will be buried beside him. Right now I am living in a RV camper provided for by a longtime friend & on her property. I will stay here between the 2 counties I’ve lived in (connected to each other) for 29 years (1986-2015) and now looking her for my own home while in the RV. 6-5-22

In August I was able to find an apartment I can afford. At the suggestion of a few friends, we did a GoFundMe and were able to raise money for my first month’s rent & deposit. I also had enough to do preventive maintenance on my car. I love my apartment! 9-4-22