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A Person with Pride is:

  • You are not teachable.
  • Seeing yourself as too good to do certain tasks.
  • You don’t ask for help.
  • Talking about yourself a lot.
  • You won’t accept constructive criticism & advice.
  • You always need attention & affirmation.
  • You pay too much attention to appearances.
  • You do not submit to authority.
  • You justify your sin (we all sin) instead of admitting it.


I am a mother of 5! I have 2 children in Heaven & 3 living daughters! Dustin was born 4-15-89 & died 8-25-89! Allison was born 9-4-91 & died 3-20-17! I will write about them & how my journey has been since my son died!

3 thoughts on “A Person with Pride is:

  1. Dear Leah

    Firstly, hello and I see you have decided to follow my site. Thank you very much! I hope you find some useful stuff. I write about all sorts; I am not conventional and sometimes seem a bit mad! I do use humour quite a bit for all sorts of reasons, but they do say laughter is the best medicine. I use plays on words which I have always done since a child.

    Anyway, I thought I would look at your site. I think you have done a very useful list here, thank you very much.

    I might add that pride can also be thinking yourself too bad for the heavenly Father and Jesus to love you, that they cannot forgive you. This is Satan’s lie of course. He hates the children of God which is why he seeks to torture and destroy them.

    The point on submit to authority is interesting. I am aware that this has been misinterpreted by most Christians as doing anything the government says. This has been especially evident in the current Covid 19 crisis. Too many locked themselves down in the UK for example, where as I patiently tried to point out, it is guidance and advice. I write about that in an amusing way on my site.

    God does expect his children to use common sense which sadly has been largely missing of late.

    I am very saddened by your losses of your husband and son and daughter. They are not truly lost as you know, but sleep peacefully awaiting resurrection day when you will see them again.

    You may not have ever read this but there was a lady in England centuries ago who had Jesus come to her in a vision. She was called Julian of Norwich, the county town of Norfolk. Her name should really be Julianne of Norwich, but they spelled it phoenetically as ‘an’ sounds like ‘anne’ as we would write it nowadays.

    She records Jesus as saying to her ‘All shall be well, all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well’.

    Kind regards to you and your family


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