• A Person with Pride is:
    You are not teachable. Seeing yourself as too good to do certain tasks. You don’t ask for help. Talking about yourself a lot. You won’t accept constructive criticism & advice. You always need attention & affirmation. You pay too much attention to appearances. You do not submit to authority. You justify your sin (we all […]
  • A Humble Person is:
    *Teachable *Is at peace with themselves & others. *Is grateful *Is slow to offend *Asks for help *Treats everybody with respect *Is patient & doesn’t get easily frustrated with the imperfections of others. *Recognizes their own limitations *Celebrates the accomplishments of others *Open to a deep relationship with God Source
  • Peaceful Walk on the River
    Time alone living in my car motivates me to take walks & journal. Before I was too busy. I’m thankful for this time, this time alone with God.
  • Generalized Anxiety Symptoms caused by Trauma
    Generalized anxiety disorder Also called: GAD OverviewSymptomsTreatmentsNewsSpecialists Symptoms Requires a medical diagnosis The condition has symptoms similar to panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other types of anxiety. These symptoms include constant worry, restlessness, and trouble with concentration. Take a self-assessment People may experience: Pain areas: in the back Whole body: fatigue, lightheadedness, or sweating Behavioral: […]
  • God gives Grace to the Humble
    A humble person is a growing person who is quick to read, invite feedback, and ask good questions. A humble person is at peace with themselves and others. Humility embraces contentment and simplicity. It doesn’t need to have the nicest or be the best.
  • PTSD Symptoms
    Symptoms of PTSD Reviewed by Carol DerSarkissian on November 10, 2019 You thought it was behind you. When time passes after a traumatic event, it’s natural to think your mind and body have healed and moved on. But symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can pop up months or even years later. Unlike a rash […]
  • Living In My Car
    I moved back home from GA in 2015. I was living with my mom. After losing my daughter on 3-20-17 she wanted me out. She wanted me to get my place. My mind has been so scattered now that I realize I’ve buried two children. I work part-time and sometimes I just feel so defeated […]
  • Therapy Through Crafting
    Been isolating when I’m not at work & crafting. It helps my mind because everything I make is intended to be a gift for someone. It’s hard to keep it for myself. So even in isolation I think I’m still socializing in a way 🤔 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve also learned too through the years with God […]
  • This Picture
    The look of pain over child-loss! Silent Grief – Childloss Support https://www.facebook.com/182400808462546/posts/2252355791467027/
  • Who Was I Before My Son Died?
    I asked myself that so many times because I was only 28 when Dustin died. A part of you does when you lose a child. Like part of your soul is gone. Then the struggle to live & losing friends that say they don’t know how to talk to me. The family that doesn’t want […]
  • Finding therapy in decorating wine bottles.
    I’ve been saving wine bottles for 3 years. For the past 2 years I’ve drank a lot of this wine while grieving Allison’s death. Just to feel giddy in the middle of pain. This Christmas I decided to get my bottles out. My purpose was to make my oldest daughter, Ila, a vintage white flower […]
  • So Great A Pain
    I’ve missed Allie Leigh G and Dustin. Missed their dad, remembering our holiday’s past. Realized in Dustin’s short life of 4 months he was never with us on a holiday. Dustin & his father having their first thanksgiving together was in my thoughts. But yeah, for real, being a bereaved mother is tough & I […]
  • Losing Butch…Father of Dustin and Allison.
    I’ve been grieving and maybe this will help: I want to tell you about the Butch Gledhill I knew. I met him in Orlando, Fl June of 1985, I was 24 & he was 26. His longtime time friend Critter dated my roommate Charlotte. It took a month of Butch pursing me & not taking […]
  • I wish I didn’t have to be the grieving one.
    Yes, parents of child loss understand that talking about their grief and their child makes many others uncomfortable, but………..do you know how losing a child and living with such heavy grief makes a parent feel? All we need to do is “be a friend” to the grieving. That makes all of the difference in the […]
  • Low-Carb dieting is my favorite!
    I studied low carb eating in 2002 before I tried eliminating sugar from my diet. For 30 days I drank only water (not even coffee) and I did not eat anything with sugar. Food without sugar I ate as much as I wanted. I did not eat after 3-4pm also. From 8 am to 3-4pm […]
  • Life with Dustin
    In Memory of Dustin Lee Gledhill Please follow the link to read! Or read long version below… Life with Dustin In the beginning, everyone was coming to see Dustin.  We had bows and banners on our front door and mailbox proclaiming it’s a boy!  The women of my church, whom also some were close friends, gave […]
  • How Allison came to be!
    She lived, she loved, she laughed & she left on 3-20-17! When Dustin was born, 4-15-89, I had my tubes tied!  I already had two beautiful daughters, and now a son!  My family was complete!  I never thought about what would I do if I lost one of my children!  The choice to have my […]